Words from our Alumni

Fenil Desai

CSI CP-2019-20

I have been an active part of CSI since the very beginning of my journey at KJSIEIT. I was the Joint Head of the Organising team initially and then went on to become the Joint Secretary and then the Chairperson in the 2019-20 tenure. Throughout these three years working for CSI, I enhanced my organising and people skills while also being involved in various technical activities right from organising them to inculcating knowledge from them. Being someone from a Computer Engineering background, CSI was an excellent platform for me as it has provided me with enough knowledge and confidence to step into the outside world without any fear. CSI is not a committee which only organises seminars, workshops and events related to the software side, but also exposes you to the hardware side of the industry which is something that I’m really proud of, being a part of its legacy. CSI has played an instrumental role in shaping my career goals and has helped me immensely in figuring out my plans for the future after my undergraduate degree. I believe each and every student of KJSIEIT must participate in any committee/student body/clubs to get a full college experience and also to help them nurture their personality holistically. Being involved with it for such a long time, I assure you that CSI is one of the best platforms at KJSIEIT to do so.

Pranav Bhatt

CSI VCP 2019-20

I began my journey with CSI as a CSI publicity team member and there was so much that I could learn right from the first year of me joining CSI. Being a part of this team, it was easy to get to know my seniors and batchmates and interact with more people. Throughout the tenure, working with my team members and seniors was a sheer joy and it made learning new things so much fun! The best thing about CSI is that every member of CSI is a part of the CSI family and it makes working together so much more exciting.

Working hard in CSI was rewarding and it not only imparted me with enhanced technical skills but it also taught me to be a better leader and a better human being as well. The team members were always ready to work and help each other and that's the essence of being the best technical committee from my perspective. TEAMWORK ❤️.

Jigar Thakkar

CSI CP 2018-19

I joined CSI in my second year at the college. It was a great learning experience to hold various positions of responsibility during the 3 tenures. I joined CSI as an Organizing team member, then became the Organizing Head and then went on to become the Chairperson for the 2018-19 tenure. These 3 years immensely helped me to enhance my various skills such as ability to work with a team, managing multiple tasks at a time, leadership to name a few.

Organizing numerous seminars/workshops, guest lectures and also the technical festival - RENAISSANCE during my 3 year journey at CSI definitely helped me to shape my career and also provided me many amazing memories to cherish for lifetime. It not only helped me to strengthen my people and managerial skills but also my technical skills. Since I was an active member of CSI, I can surely assure that it is one of the best committees to work with

Sanchay Vyas

CSI VCP 2018-19

CSI will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first committee which I joined in my college. CSI changed the whole perception of what college is and brought about a change where I can decide how I want my college life to be. It has been a great learning experience and has taught me to blend the technological learnings with the managerial skills. From organising Guest Lectures, bring ginger in foreign college delegates, holding workshops and above all the technical festival of the college it has been a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs. I joined CSI as Organising team member and went on to become the Joint Operating Officer and then the Vicechairperson in 2018-19. These three years have been a pinnacle in shaping my career and helping me figure out what I wanted to pursue after my undergraduate degree. Being an active member, I can solemnly assure that CSI plays an important role in nurturing the future of students

Rahul Deshpande

CSI CP 2017-18

My journey with CSI began within the second week of my engineering life. A workshop on application development made me realise that I wanted to become a part of the CSI family. A journey of being an enthusiastic workshop attendee to Organising Admin and then finally the Chairperson was filled with learnings and memories that I will always cherish. Providing value to the students, team spirit and personal growth have always been the core of CSI’s culture. The joy of working with different people, organising workshops and seminars, managing teams, solving technical issues, handling sponsors, negotiations with vendors, having discussions with other committee members and engaging with students from different colleges has been a heck of a ride.

Moreover, CSI has taught me to stand up for what is right. It has helped me instil a problem-solving attitude, embracing failures and developing lifelong friendships. Now, as I look back not only am I proud of the fact that CSI helped me in developing a professional character, but it has also prepared me to make new mistakes and embrace new failures. I am grateful to CSI for nurturing my strengths and improving my shortcomings. CSI gave me a platform to develop my technical skills and prepared me for becoming a leader.

Karan Bhavsar

CSI VCP 2017-18

I joined KJSIEIT just like any other student, dreaming of becoming an IT/computer engineer, but little did I know what engineering technically or practically meant till I was introduced to this committee called CSI. It started with the very first workshop of my engineering life on Android conducted by CSI, where I fell for the hands on expériences, eventually held for every other technology, till I finally joined the team to learn more of it!!

Being in CSI, I gained skills I wondered if I could ever possess. From learning about a workshop to actually organising it, imbibed a 360 experience for me and other team members. It was only when being on-grounds and leading teams to pull-off the best of the technical festival and events, I experienced the potential skills to build my career and life confidently! Learning & growing, managing time with academics, exams and all the interactions with the faculties, I could have never imagined my college life without being in CSI. I will always be grateful for my tenure as the VCP of this committee, working with the best team’18 and ending w a plentiful of memories..